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Our Services

1) FREE classified ad listings (at least for now and will be free for as long as possible!). Get more exposure to your tennis related ad listing for free. We can help you with posting your ad and customizing it. We will also help get your ad more exposure by utilizing social media and other powerful tools on our site.  If you are a tennis business this could help your company’s SEO as well.

2) Featured Ad listings (Only $1). For paying a little extra your ad will be in our “Featured Ad section” and will get additional exposure than regular ads (It also stays posted longer on our site,90 days). It will constantly be on our front page, and will gain more views from traffic and targeted audiences, than a typical free ad posted on the TennisClassifieds.org.  Keep in mind, we will do more on our end to work on promoting this listing. Additional promotion on social media sites and other strategies will be implemented, and overall your ad will receive more”special attention” from us, so to speak. To use the featured ad functionality, simply check the box when you are “posting an ad”.

3) Guest Blogging (FREE) – if you want to write something on our blog, feel free to get in touch! contactus@tennisclassifieds.org